Chocolatier Handcrafted Chocolates Truffles

Unique, Hand Crafted and Full of Flavour

Chocolatier Handcrafted Chocolates Truffles

Hand-made to order

Chocolatier Handcrafted Chocolates Truffles

"These chocolates are delicious. 
I couldn’t wait to try some more. Beautifully presented."

Chocolatier Handcrafted Chocolates Truffles

Artisan chocolates and truffles


 Artisan Chocolates and Truffles


Luxury Chocolates, Handmade

in Selsey, West Sussex

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Welcome to Vianne, we make the most delicious chocolates and truffles using the purest chocolate and the finest ingredients. From rose creams to apple crumbles, we offer a stunning selection of chocolates that look fabulous and taste amazing.

We’re passionate about all things chocolate at Vianne and this is reflected in how we make our chocolates. Each item that we make is hand made in our professional kitchen from reputable Cocoa Horizon cocoa. 

We’re small artisan chocolatiers and we care deeply about our chocolates and our customers. We’re always dreaming up new flavours and we’re always looking for ways to make our chocolates taste even better!

We’re confident about the quality of our products, but don’t just take our word for it, visit the Vianne shop and try one of our artisan chocolates and truffles.


All of our chocolates are made in a place where nuts and allergens are used.

Our current best sellers

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Milk, White and Dark Chocolates with Alcohol flavoured Centres
Dark Chocolate with American Whisky flavour
Milk Chocolate, with crunchy Honeycomb
Beautiful Irish Cream Ganache in a smooth Milk Chocolate Truffle Shell.
Variety of different flavoured Macarons
Milk Chocolate and salted caramel
Milk and Dark Chocolate, with decadent fillings
Creamy White Chocolate Truffle Hearts,
Milk, White and Dark Chocolate, All your favourite puds
Milk, White and Dark Chocolates with Gin Centres


Currently, we offer only UK delivery.

  Looking for a special gift? Our chocolate and truffle boxes or gift vouchers are perfect for any occasion.


What Makes Our Chocolates Special?


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More about Vianne



We Create Sustainable Chocolates

We create our chocolates using Cocoa Horizons cocoa. This company is committed to producing cocoa products that are completely traceable. They also have a number of measures in place to protect communities and farming land

We’re Committed to
Great Customer Service

 We’re a small company at Vianne, and we like to keep it that way. We are even on first name terms with many of our customers. We like to get to know you, learn about your favourite chocolates and incorporate everything you like into the products we make.

We’re Always Thinking About New Flavours

Thinking up fresh flavours and experimenting with new recipes is what keeps us up at night. We love improving our own creations as well as thinking up new chocolate items that you won’t be able to find anywhere else.


Every order is delivered in a beautiful presentation box.

Currently, we offer only UK delivery.



My dad says they are the best flavoured chocolates he has ever tasted!...

“I’ve just received my fourth lot! This one for Father’s Day was dark chocolate American whisky. As usual you have not disappointed, my dad says they are the best flavoured chocolates he has ever tasted! Thank you!” Patsy Harris   |     |  

These chocolates are delicious...

“These chocolates are delicious. I couldn’t wait to try some more. Beautifully presented.” Mary Haustead   |     |  

I wished I had bought a bigger box!! Absolutely cracking!...

“I bought some of these for my girlfriend on our anniversary. I wished I had bought a bigger box!! Absolutely cracking! Excellent service too.” Kai Hawkes   |     |  

They are some of the nicest chocolates I have ever eaten...

“My aunt bought these for me, and I have to say they are some of the nicest chocolates I have ever eaten. They were packaged really well, and tasted fantastic, each one better than the last!” Paul Robinson   |     |  




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