Chocolatier Handcrafted Chocolates Truffles

Unique, Hand Crafted and Full of Flavour

Chocolatier Handcrafted Chocolates Truffles

Hand-made to order

Chocolatier Handcrafted Chocolates Truffles

"These chocolates are delicious. 
I couldn’t wait to try some more. Beautifully presented."

Chocolatier Handcrafted Chocolates Truffles

Artisan chocolates and truffles



 We Love Chocolate!

About Vianne




Our Story

 Well here we are!

We make chocolates and truffles that are unique, handcrafted and full of flavour. We care passionately about you, the customers who buy from us. We stay awake at night, dreaming up new flavours and new ways to deliver what you want.

Sometimes we are busy, sometimes we are not. Today’s climate has its ups and downs, and whereas other businesses will try to tell you how great it all is. We believe in telling you the truth. There is no such thing as instant success. Success takes work, and commitment and change and we do all of that in abundance.
We continue to work hard and we are committed to always providing you with the best chocolate that we can make.




Our customers come from near and far, and their reviews tell us what we need to know – and that is our chocolates taste delicious and our customer service is second to none. So we like to think we are on the right path!

We care sincerely about our customers, and we will strive to get it right all the time! Read some of our happy customer reviews here

We are continually adding new products and every week will see a change.

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 We have one motto, or mission statement:
“We endeavour to do the very best we can for our customers…now let’s see what we can achieve today!”


  About Me

  Chocolatier and owner of Vianne - Lyn with dog

My name isn’t Vianne its Lyn, and I live in Chichester. I took the name Vianne from a film I watched once, and I loved it.

I love being a chocolatier, although for the best part of my life I have worked in the catering and hospitality trade.

I make or oversee the production all of the chocolates that you see here. Each order is bespoke and made especially for you, the customer. And that’s how I like it.

Our friendly little company remembers names, and more importantly remembers your favourite centres…

In the picture with me is my dog Bingo. He was born with only one eye and he has overcome a few obstacles in his little life. I love him more than chocolate!!

If you would have any questions about our artisan chocolates and truffles, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us at Vianne.



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